August 05, 2013

My Friend Elina

I visited my friend Elina a few days ago. In the winter I taught her to make amigurumis (crocheted or knit stuffed animals or human figures) and now she showed me how to make pull tab purses. I got to know Elina in high school and we were really good friends. At some point we lost contact for a few years, and then last winter when she saw my amigurumis on Facebook, she wrote me a message asking if I could teach her to make amigurumis. And of course I could! I think, it’s a lovely story, amigurumis brought us back together!

Elina also likes to experiment new materials, especially recycled materials, to make her own unique items. At the moment she’s making a pull tab pillow cover, I can’t wait to see it ready. And now that I know how to make amazing purses out of pull tabs, I would really like to get started with one. Unfortunately, I have still quite a lot packing to be done, and we’re moving on Tuesday.

I took a few photos at Elina’s. The wooden box is so cute! It’s been made with decoupage technique, and Elina got inspiration for the box from my decoupage items, that I have shown in this blog. It’s so absolutely cool to be able to inspire people! That’s actually the main reason I started writing this blog. I’d love to have Elina as a guest writer in my blog, I bet she’d have many amazing ideas.

Elina had her earrings, bracelets, and necklaces hanging from strings and nails. It looked so nice and that way, you will always find what you're looking for. I think I’m going to do the same thing in our new flat. 

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