August 15, 2013

Cotton Cord

I'm in love with crocheting, and especially crocheting with cotton cord. When I lived in Finland I bought cotton cord made of excess cotton from the textile industry. If you have any tips on where to find it in the Netherlands, please let me know!

I crocheted a lovely round rug a few years ago, and I've washed it in the washing machine at least ten times, and it still looks great. I started grocheting an other rug for my friend, but because I have some problems with my arm, I couldn't get it finished. The pattern of this rug is so beautiful! You can find the pattern instructions on this blog, but sorry, they are only in Finnish.

I taught my friend to crochet the beautiful pattern, and now she's continuing to crochet the rug on her own. I hope I will have some pictures to show you soon! I have enough cotton cord for at least one more rug and maybe one basket, but I just have to wait that we can move first. At the moment we're living in a hotel in 's-Heerenberg, Netherlands, and waiting to get our own flat. We should be able to move in the beginning of September, but the landlord is on holiday at the moment, so things are not really moving forward.

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