January 10, 2013

Enjoying the Snow and Ice

A good way to save money and materials is enjoying the things we already have. This winter we've been blessed with a lot of snow and ice, so why not make the best of it? Go ice skating, make a snow man, snow lanterns, ice lanterns or snow sculptures, make decorations out of ice and dried flowers, take a long walk in the snowy forest, take magical photos, enjoy a sled ride down the hill... The winter is full of possibilities!

January 08, 2013


I visited Fallkulla domestic animal farm in Malmi, Helsinki on Sunday. I remember visiting Fallkulla when I was a child and now I got the idea to visit it again with Mats. The animals are so beautiful. I can't imagine why some people would want to hurt such amazing creatures.

I got an interesting book for Christmas present called Syötäväksi kasvatetut by Elina Lappalainen (Raised to be Eaten could be the translation). It's about the meat industry in Finland. I think every one who thinks it's okay to eat meat should read this book and also visit Fallkulla farm or some other farm to meet the animals. Fallkulla is very far from a farm where the meat industry animals live but I think it's important to actually see the animals you're eating.

I saw this very interesting BBC document called Super Smart Animals. It was telling how intelligent animals can actually be, how alike some animals are to humans and how animals also have feelings and can feel pain. Animals can learn the most amazing things and do a lot of things that humans can't. Until this moment I've been eating mostly vegetarian food but occasionally chicken (maybe once a month) and also fish, but from now on I want to eat only vegetarian food.

Many animals are carnivores and I'm not telling anyone that they should stop eating meat. I'm just saying that everyone should find out the facts about the meat industry, how the animals are treated and what kind of life is good for each animal. And if you're still okay with eating meat, then it's your decision. I think it's quite amazing how meat eaters just close their eyes and don't even want to know how the meat ends up on their plate. On the other hand, maybe most of the people need to close their eyes to be able to keep eating meat.

I'm well aware that with this post, I might get some enemies, but isn't it the idea of blogs to share your opinions and your life? I welcome all constructive criticism and opinions. In my opinion living ecologically also means caring for the animals on our planet, and in many cases becoming a vegetarian. Here are some pictures of the beautiful animals I met in Fallkulla.