August 18, 2013

Decorate Your Home With Unique Art Prints

I try to support artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs, whenever I need or want to buy something new. Now that I'm living in the Netherlands (and still trying to find a job), I'm also trying to make some money by utilising my artistic skills. Check out my art prints of my drawings and photographs in my Society6 -shop. If you don't find an art print from my shop, that would be good for your home, browse through other artists' art. There's plenty to choose from!

My favourite artist / photographer in Society6 is Kevin Russ. He travels around with his car, sleeps in it, and takes his photos with an iPhone. If you're interested in reading more about Kevin Russ, check out this article about him. He sounds like such a cool, down to earth guy, and his nature photos are absolutely beautiful.

Here are some of my art prints that you can buy in Society6, hope you like them!

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