August 01, 2013

Outside Living

In the summer time it's so nice to relax on a balcony, terrace, patio... You name it! Our balcony is very small 50's balcony, which was mainly built, so that women could air their home textiles. These days I use it for the same purpose too, but I'd also like to have a roomy outdoor space for relaxing, gatherings with friends, and quiet afternoon tea moments. I'm hoping to have my own backyard in the Netherlands. I'd love to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and herbs. Viiru would also love spending time outside, chewing tree branches and enjoying the sun.

These pictures are taken in the Housing Fair in Finland. The photos show how you don't really need a lot to create a cosy outdoor space. Just a few chairs, pillows, a rug, and some plants. Outside spaces are perfect for recycled items. Imagine: building a sofa out of wooden pallets, mattresses covered with colourful textiles and unique pillows. Or making it totally black and white! I might try the black and white version inside and the colourful version outside. For flower pots you can use old coffee cups, buckets, pots, vases, or anything you can think of. Then make it your style by covering it with fabric, paper or a crocheted cover. I can't wait to try out these ideas!

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