November 28, 2012

DIY Toilet Sign

I've been such a lazy blogger lately! Recently I've been exercising a lot and even though it gives me more energy, I haven't had time for blogging. I'm glad that I've found the joy in exercising but from now on I also want to have time for blogging. In the coming days I'm planning to show you more photos of our home. My posts have been a lot about small details but I promise I will show you more overall pictures. I don't want to take pictures when our home's a mess, and it's a mess almost all the time. Yesterday I vacuumed and today when I got home from work, our living room rug looked like no one had ever vacuumed it. Our one-year-old dog Viiru loves destroying her toys and that's why our floors and rugs almost never look tidy.

Here's a small thing I made today. I actually started with this toilet sign yesterday and today I managed to finish it. We used to have a romantic style sign on the toilet door but it really wasn't our style. I still have a few old boards from last summer and I got an idea to make a toilet sign from one of the boards. I used steel wire for the letters and there it was, a very unique sign combining old wood and steel wire. What a perfect combination!

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