November 15, 2012

No Adverts!

Twice a week advertisements are delivered to our home. We have not asked for them as we do not read them. That's why I decided to make a sign saying that we don't want them. In Finland it's quite common that people have a sign on their door saying "No adverts!"

You can actually get ready made stickers that you can put on your door or mail box. I just think they're quite ugly so I decided to make my own design. First I wrote the text on an old piece of paper and put it in black frames. After that, I decided I didn't want to make holes in the beautiful wooden door, and decided to make individual sticker letters instead.

And this is how it's done! I chose a nice font and printed the text. I already had black adhesive paper on a roll, which was perfect for this project. After printing the text I placed the text paper on top of the adhesive paper, added some masking tape in the corners to make the two papers stay put and began cutting. I used very small scissors for the job. It was actually pretty therapeutic to concentrate on cutting such small forms. I like the result very much! Now we won't get unnecessary adverts and we have a unique text on our front door!

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