December 01, 2012


It's December already! The days go by so so fast. It's been snowing awfully lot during the past days. The atmosphere outside is magical, there's snow everywhere and it's so quiet. The snow mutes the sounds effectively. In the morning the sidewalks were covered with snow and there were only narrow paths going through the white city.

In the summer I didn't feel like we would need curtains, but now that it's cold outside and there are no more green leaves, I started thinking about having curtains. Yesterday I started with my curtain project and managed to sew one curtain for the living room and hang it up. My initial thought was to have curtains made from recycled fabrics but I got tired of waiting to find the perfect fabric so I just bought this fabric from the shop.

Whenever I can't use recycled materials, I avoid buying synthetic materials and go for natural ones. I bought beige linen fabric for the living room and light grey linen fabric for the bedroom. I wanted to emphasize on the height of the room and made the curtains reach all the way from the ceiling to the floor. That's why I couldn't buy any ready-made curtains because the room height in our flat is 270cm and all the shops sell 250 high ready-made curtains. It's amazing how our living room looks totally different by just adding one curtain!

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