December 03, 2013

3rd of December: Blueberry Twig Wreath

My friend Janette has a blog called Cardemumman elämää ja unelmaa, in English it would be something like this: The Life and the Dreams of Cardemumma! It's a bit hard to translate. Her style is mainly country and romantic, and I love her posts! The blog is in Finnish (some of her posts can be also in English), and now I'm showing you one of the latest things she's done. Maybe Janette will share more of her cute ideas with us also later on. I love the fact that her style is so different from mine!

Janette made this beautiful Christmas wreath out of blueberry twigs. As a base she used a round shaped steel wire frame, and attached the blueberry twigs with steel wire. Then she added a little bit of snow spray and a few cute amanita decorations, and the wreath is ready to be hanged on the door! By choosing different decorations for the wreath, you can come up with very different end results. And don't worry, i f you don't have snow spray. Just leave the blueberry twigs green, I'm sure they'd look awesome also with the natural green colour!

Thank you for sharing with us Janette!

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