December 01, 2013

1st of December

It's December and time to start the countdown to Christmas! This year I'm having my own advent calendar on my blog, so there's gonna be something nice for each day before Christmas. It's time to start the Christmas preparations!

Today I'm giving you an easy tip to customize empty glass jars! I have a habit of collecting eveything possible, from glass jars to rocks and leaves. It's a habit that isn't really appreciated by my fiancé, but comes handy every time I get the inspiration to create something new for our home.

All you need for these simple and modern glass jars, is:
- a roll of sticky-backed plastic 
- scissors
- glass jars

Decorate the jars with the pattern you like. I used stripes, because they are easy to cut and the end result is modern. You can use these jars for example as candle holders or storage for pens, crochet hooks, etc. 

Have a wonderful day!

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