December 16, 2013

16th of December: Christmas Market

On Saturday we tried to visit the Christmas market in Düsseldorf, but after we had driven a few times around the city, had driven a few times around in a parking house and driven past many parking houses, which had signs saying they are full, we decided to give up and just drive home. We had had a long day behind us already, so driving home ended up being the right decision. I felt  a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see a real German Christmas market, but I'm keeping my hopes up, that maybe I'll see one next weekend.

When we arrived in 's-Heerenberg, we noticed that there was an awful lot of traffic for a Saturday evening. Immediately I was thinking that maybe there's a Christmas market also in our small town, and yes there was!! I was so happy! It was maybe just a little bit smaller than the one in Düsseldorf would have been, but the atmosphere was amazing!

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