December 22, 2012

Christmas Preparations

Oh, what a lovely day! I woke up early because I wanted to hit the shops before everyone else would. Just when it started to look a bit crowded, I was ready to go home, and ready for lunch. For lunch I had delicious spring rolls, and of course some chocolate. After lunch it was time to do some Christmas present wrapping, and for that I needed to find suitable materials. I used wallpaper, a brown paper bag, jute string, old book pages, and anything that looked good. I think I made very nice recycled packages!

I also decorated the Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music. This year I didn't buy any new decorations, I'm very proud of myself! We have a small fake tree and the old decorations were just perfect for it, I don't actually even need more.

In the evening it was time for sauna, red wine and some more present wrapping. I could wrap only two presents with the brown paper bag so I had to wait until Mats came home and brought some brown packing paper. Viiru wanted to be close to me and was sitting on the chair behind me while I made beautiful presents.

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