October 12, 2012


I loooove books! I have a lot of them. When we moved, it was absolutely awful to carry many many boxes of books. I would actually like to buy less books, but then I always find a book that I absolutely must have. One of my favourite books is No Impact Man by Colin Beavan.

"Is it really possible to live eco-effectively? With No Impact Man, Colin Beaven tries to find out. He swears off plastic, goes organic, becomes a bicycle nut, turns off his power, and generally tries to save the planet from environmental catastrophe while dragging his young daughter and his Prada-wearing wife along for the ride."

Colin Beaven really takes being ecological seriously. The book makes you really think what's necessary and how crazy some things are. Colin Beaven makes it all sound so interesting and fun. He makes ecological life sound like a fun challenge every one should try. I read the book a couple of years ago and now I'm going to read it again to be inspired again and get new ideas on how to live ecologically. To read more about Colin Beaven and his life visit his blog No Impact Man.

At the moment I'm working in an other city and have to stay at a hotel. I found a nice surprise in the hall way: there's a recycling point for books! Anyone can leave books there that they don't need anymore, and when hotel guests want something to read, they just need to visit the recycling point in the end of the hallway and find something they like. What a great idea! I think all hotels should have one! Next week I'm going to bring some of my old pocket books so that some one else can enjoy them!

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