September 19, 2012

Globe Hope

Globe Hope is an innovative Finnish design company that makes ecological design out of recycled materials.

I've bought a few very nice items by Globe Hope. They mainly make clothes and bags, but nowadays also some products for the home. My newest Globe Hope product is a cool laptop case that's made from parts of an advertisement banner, and old seatbelts. The laptop case called JENKKA suits perfectly for the industrial style I'm trying to create in our home.

For their fabulous products they use, for example, hospital and army textiles, worker uniforms, advertisement banners and flags, recycled sails, seatbelts and vintage home textiles such as curtains, tablecloths and bed sheets. These used materials are usually donated to them, when they're not needed anymore.

The apron shown in the pictures is called OIVA and it's made of an old Hungarian army utility sack. It's very useful for all kinds of decorating and renovating tasks, and it also protects your clothes. Obviously when doing something like painting you wouldn't wear anything fancy anyways, like in the pictures you can see my fabulous painting pants!

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