September 30, 2012

Flea market finds

I love, love, love flea markets! It's absolutely fantastic to find an interesting and unique item or maybe something that you've been looking for a long time. In these photos you can see a few items from my flea market collection. Some of them are perfect the way they are but some of them need a bit of work to become beauties. When I found the small wooden case I knew instantly that it would be perfect for decoupaging. You can see in my previous post how it looks now.

The two chairs at the bottom also need a bit of work. The green chair wants to have amazing light grey upholstery. And the white chair, it's quite cute as it is now but I think black colour would really highlight its interesting shape. At the moment I don't have time for these two chairs (I actually have two more chairs also waiting to get some work done, so four chairs altogether!) but I think I will concentrate on my chairs later this year when I have more time to spend at home.


  1. Mahtavaa Anna! Mikä energia huokuu postauksista!

    1. Kiitos hirmuisesti Janette! Viime päivinä olo ei ole ollut kovin energinen, mutta onneksi innostus kuitenkin välittyy blogistani!