October 13, 2013

Cute Side Table Set

I got these antique looking side tables from my friend Kristiina. If I remember the story right, her parents were moving from her childhood house, and getting rid of the things, they didn't need anymore. So Kristiina thought that maybe I could give a new life to a few things, and she gave me these tables, a few picture frames and a table lamp. Thank you, Kristiina! The frames got their new look already, now it's time for these tables to begin their journey. Literally.

I left these side tables behind when we moved to the Netherlands. But now I went back to our old house to get them from the storage, where we keep all the stuff that didn't fit into the van a few months ago. My dad did all the hard work with taking apart all the parts. Now the tables are ready to travel to their new home country. These tables are surprisingly light, so it shouldn't be a problem getting them on the plane! Prepare yourselves, all me friends and family members! Every time you come to visit me, I have something I would like you to bring me from Finland!

I don't know yet, what kind of new look these side tables are gonna get, but this golden style is definitely not for me. I was thinking about going with black and white, but after a little thought, I don't think that's for me either. All ideas are welcome!

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