July 31, 2013

Housing Fair in Finland

Every summer a housing fair is arranged somewhere in Finland. This year it's held in Hyvinkää, which is very close to Helsinki. At the fair you can actually go inside the houses and explore every room. The whole area is brand new and the houses have been built to be ready for the fair. And after the fair, real families move in the houses. So that's what a housing fair is, in a nutshell. I thought it needed to be explained, because I don't think every one is familiar with the concept. If you live somewhere else than Finland, I would love to hear your experiences on this subject. Are there fairs like this in your country? Have you ever visited one? What did you think?

This fair is a perfect place to see the trends in housing and living. This year I spotted that there was a very big emphasis on outside living. There were a lot of roomy and beautiful terraces, balconies and yards over there. The colours were quite neutral and a lot of natural materials had been used. If you have a chance I truly recommend visiting the Housing Fair in Hyvinkää. More information about the fair you can find here: Housing Fair. It's open until 11th of August.

I concentrated on recycled materials, recycled furniture and interior items, natural materials, etc. Sorry again about the bad photo quality, but I only had my phone with me. Next post will be about the outside spaces in the Housing Fair. Here are my favourites of the interiors!

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