February 04, 2013

Buying, buying, buying

I'm so sorry, my lovely readers, for being away for such a long time. I've been sick and haven't had the energy to write my blog! At the moment I can't promise to write very often but I'll try my best, that I promise!

My life is all about simplifying things at the moment. I'm learning to give things up. I've been living in an environment where consuming has a very big role. Now I'm trying to question the thought that, in order to keep the world going, we need to buy more and more things. Isn't that just crazy? Our lives are surrounded by adverts, commercialism and consuming. We are told that in order to survive these economically challenging times, we need to keep buying and buying. At the same time we are destroying the planet by consuming too much.

I've decided to do my part and stop buying things I don't necessarily need. I already have everything I need, and more. That's why I'm also selling a lot of things that have been just lying around for ages. I found out that my friend owns a flea market and decided to sell my things there. She bought the place last autumn and is transforming it to a very nice and cozy flea market. Visit the home page of Sisustustori (only in Finnish) and find out more.

I'm very happy that flea markets, vintage, and retro are such big trends and it feels like they just keep on growing. People are realising that it's not necessary to always buy new furniture, new curtains and new decorative items in order to make your home look different. Flea markets and recycling centres are full of old furniture, and anything you might need. I've found a lot of cool dining chairs in flea markets. My chairs are all different shape and colour but if you want yours to look more like they belong together, just paint them with the same paint and you get a totally different look!

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